You are daring a synthesis that others cannot conceive.



I have begun reading your work of late and am so very thrilled to see and learn from your exquisitely integral genius and immense spirituality and scholarship.

Anyway, when I access such brilliance and helpfulness such as yours, I want to reach out and thank you so very much and at least virtually, shake your hand. You are beyond a doubt an all-too-hidden-in-plain-sight gift to the human race, holy brother! 


I wanted you to know the joy and excitement a student like me gets from discovering your work. Clearly you have written more than a lifetime of work and maybe the phrase 'pearls before swine' could arise when you realize how few of us even begin to appreciate the undoubted genius behind them.


I cannot begin to express to you how much it means to me to have discovered you and your work. Reading 'The Awareness Principle', 'The Science Delusion' and your book on Heidegger and Indian Thought has been, for me, much more than a 'reading' journey. It has been transformational ... a blessing!

I'm currently reading 'The New Spanda Karikas.' Jaw dropping insights.  Your sentences have seven league boots on, covering whole regions and kingdoms in their stride, whilst the clown unicycle of my mind struggles to keep up.

Long live Cosmic Qualia Science!

THANK YOU for... everything...  you have, as Wm. Blake might have put it, labored heroically in the Fires of Eden.  Your work belongs to the future archives of a more enlightened planet. I pray we make it there."

"I have been reading your work and letting it speak to me through my life, through my thinking, through my relating and through my bodying. I would return to read whole texts then passages then just sentences and then just individual words. Even if I did not understand I would let them call me back time and time again. There where no understanding was, there was the calling of the Word. It is my opinion now that the only way to understand who you are and what your message is, at least when it comes to you as a writer and thinker, can only be experienced through juxtaposition of your different books and subjects so we can experience their underlying (value) structures and many as yet unthought but anticipated ways of being that they open." 



"One of the most inspirational aspects to your work and writing, for me, is that you take essential truth, whether from sources ancient or modern, or your own inner wisdom - and you demonstrate clearly and articulately how that truth applies in essentially every area of human living, whether in terms of direct inner experience, relationships, social and economic dynamics, and so on - and now, with your latest book, how this applies to overall health, as well. Even more importantly though, your application of timeless wisdom to these different aspects and areas of living shines new light, and brings important new information and perspective, to the topic areas themselves. This approach often supplants misunderstanding, and/or fills in gaps and blind spots which currently exist in these topic areas, per the incomplete approaches of so-called conventional wisdom."  



I never cease to be amazed with the creativity and inspiration articulated in each new composition that you publish. Each is a world of imagination that has crystallized into such fascinating and beautifully refined by the depth of attention which is so obviously committed to their conception. If I haven't said it before, thank you, thank you, and Thank You! On that note... Goodness gracious, I will never be able to keep up. Now, with The Eye of Ogumo, you have taken me into a further dimension of inquiry, with new streams of insight and imagination to be digested with all of my reading of your entire corpus, the inspirations for which take so much time to integrate (albeit currently primarily cognitively) in such a way that I might some day come to live with and carry them within me at all times, with my hope being that by living them I may find the courage to live through some of the inspirations and imaginations that they have awakened within my being. Please continue to publish on The Principle and Practice of Morphic Resonation


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